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Do you believe in spooky?  Are you a believer in co-incidences?  What about parallel universerses?  Well, I’m thinking maybe parallel lives! 

Feeling a little overwhelmed with everything I still have to do coming up to a book launch, (more on that next week) I took a break and dipped in to WeaveZine.  Popping over to Syne’s blog, I almost choked on my cuppa! 

In her blog on 4th November, she wrote about not being able to talk about something she has in the pipeline which is to do with publishing.  I’ve been in the same boat for a while, and now it is nearly there!! 

Then she talked about trying to clear her desk a bit, and aiming for white space at the bottom of her emails.  I can so totally relate as I’m still trying to plough through some of the information emails that came through whilst I was in the US back in July!! 

With so much information coming in to us every day through the mail, email, TV, radio, websites, podcasts, blogs, it’s a wonder we don’t get totally buried!!  Choosing what to watch/listen to/read, is a must to prevent total overload.  And every so often those choices have to be re-defined to take into account another stream of information. 

Charlie is my saviour this time round.  Getting out and about for an hour a day is helping me to sort out my priorities each day, watching him run gives me enormous pleasure as he is so graceful and fast, and seeing the changing colours of the trees, and the clouds scudding across the sky reminds me to breathe deeply, and take the time to look properly at my surroundings. 

Back in front of the computer, using an hour timer to focus my attention on a topic, and get as much done as I can in that time, and then to take a break, getting up, walking around, and making a cuppa (and drinking it!!) before setting the timer again is helping to make me more productive. 

What are your tricks and tips for getting the most out of your time?