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Themed Weeks

There are two main themed weeks that we offer –  Honeycomb Hybrids  and  3 Techniques for Texture.     

Honeycomb Hybrids

Honeycomb is a largely under-rated structure, traditionally consisting of plain weave cells alternating with warp and weft float cells. Whilst simple in form, it lends itself to different uses and adaptations. This workshop, based on the book Honeycomb Hybrids : Honeycomb for All Tastes*, introduces you to perhaps a different way of approaching honeycomb, seeing connections with other weaving techniques and encouraging you to explore beyond the basics of any one technique. All yarns and equipment are provided. More information….

*Honeycomb Hybrids : Honeycomb for All Tastes can be bought from Amazon as a hard-copy book, or direct from me as a pdf.

3 Techniques for Texture 

We look at dimensional texture in weaving on 8 shafts, using the techniques of shibori, stitched double cloth and overshot. Using plain weave as the base weave structure, you learn how each technique is related to the others, and the variations that you can play with to give you a wide range of effects. We wet-finish as many samples as possible so that you can get first-hand knowledge of the treatments that work best with each technique and the range of yarns that you can use to get different results. All yarns and equipment are provided.  More information …

Workshops specifically for 4-shaft weavers are also available although there needs to be 3 participants for this workshop. Please email me for further details.

Themed workshops are generally for 2 – 4 people.


Woven Optical Illusions

This new workshop, which is under development, is designed to create visual optical effects purely through the interplay of colour with weave structures. Initially focused on colour-and-weave dimensional optical effects, shadow weave, plaited twills (ie warp-dominant v weft-dominant designs) and ombré warp and weft effects on single cloth, it is now going further to include double weave effects and other techniques. You can read more about this project here. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, no specific dates are scheduled yet, but please contact me if you are interested in coming on this course in the future.

Colour-and-weave 4S/8S