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Honeycomb Hybrids: Honeycomb For All Tastes is a technical weaving book uncovering the many facets of honeycomb (also known as distorted weft).  I hope that you will find it a useful addition to your weaving library of an under-rated method of creating interesting surfaces and shapes in weave with the effective use of the simples of structures.

The chapters are :

1:      Traditional – With a Twist

2:      Sugar Spun – Lace

3:      Honey-glazed Ribs – Warp and Weft

4:      Layer Cake – Double and Tubular Cloth

5:      Honey Hybrid – Deflected Double Weave

6:      Honeycomb Turned

The book is 142 pages long with many drafts and photographs and is available as a print-on-demand book and as a pdf.

Print-on-demand :

Print-on-demand means that you will be getting a physical soft-cover book through the post.  Postage costs and postage times vary hugely depending on where you live as the copies are printed in the US, although and (and other EU countries) sometimes offer free postage.  These can be ordered directly from the three sites below.  It appears there are a couple of printing anomalies, one on page 86, the other on page 104.  If you would like to email me, I shall send you the unsullied pages!!

US                                   Price: $38

UK                                Price: £32

EU                                      Price: €36,93


PDF is a downloadable e-document with exactly the same content but not in physical form.  That means that if you want to have a physical book in your hand and you order a pdf, you will need either to take it to a printing firm to get it printed out into book form, or print it yourself from your computer.

Cost:  28€

Please email me with your postal address (a French legal requirement) and your preferred email address to and I shall send you an invoice with a couple of payment choices. Once the payment has been received I shall email you a link to a Dropbox file so you can download your pdf.

Thank you for your interest!