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I’ve written this blog several times now.  The first time round I was reflecting on Christmas, then I decided that what I’d written was probably too controversial!  The second time, I was talking about change but felt that was also too provocative!  (Ironic, isn’t it?  Something which purports to document the writer’s thoughts and yet I feel I have to censor so I don’t offend anyone!!!  What does that say about me?!)  So I’ve decided to write about a book I’ve just read which seems to me to be a great message for this time of year.

The book is The Year We Seized the Day.  It was written by Elizabeth Best and Colin Bowles, both living in Australia, and was given to me by fellow weaver and friend Agnes Hauptli.  In it are passages of reflection, and of hope for the future.  The book is about walking the Camino, the road to Santiago.  Other writers have written about it too. Most notably for me was Paulo Coelho, in his book The Pilgrimage.  Fellow weaver Louise Lemieux Berube has also walked the road to Santiago.

It’s just started to snow here.  I’m surprised because, although everywhere else in the UK seems to have had bucketloads of snow this winter, so far we have escaped.  Ice, yes, but snow no.  Whilst others have been snowed in and struggled to get around, we have been smugly driving, walking, shopping.  But it seems that that is about to change as it is coming down thick and fast!  And I haven’t even walked the dog yet!!  That’ll teach me for reading a book and writing this blog before getting washed and dressed!! 

Weaving wise, it’s been a quiet time.  Not because I’ve not got any ideas – far from it!  My brain is bubbling with all the things I want to try!!  But, I managed to aggravate an old spinal injury by putting my reading glasses on the audio speakers, just like I do every day, only this time I twinged something which has put me out of action for a week so far!  Poor Dad, the first time he visits in 7 years, and all the plans I had for things for us to do together completely scuppered!  The plus side, I have had time to do some reading – all the magazines that arrived before Christmas have been read, as have several books! 

Also weaving wise, I want to pay tribute to a wonderful weaving friend, Pat Williams.  Pat died shortly before Christmas and will be sorely missed.  A lovely, gentle, walking encyclopedia of weaving, with humour and generosity of spirit, Pat was a stellar teacher and an encouraging mentor.  We shared a room at the Jacquard conference in North Carolina last January and had a great time.  Although I knew of Pat’s health problems, she never wanted to talk about them, preferring to focus on more positive things.  Pat, you will be missed by all who knew you. 

I’ve got a little out of sync with my blog postings.  Next week I’m off to Kuwait for a week of lectures and workshops, so I’m not sure whether I’ll manage to post anything from there, but if not, you’ll hear all about it when I return.  In the meantime, I hope 2010 will bring at least some of your hopes and dreams alive.