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This morning I awoke from a dream where I was being greeted by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada at a World Shibori Network gathering, and lay there for a minute a little bemused by my dream.  Whilst I was processing it, sudden ideas flashed into my mind about how I could approach an upcoming assignment that I am doing for my masters degree.  Then another idea popped into my mind about how I could use weave structures other than plain weave for my planned pieces, and then another idea about how I could adapt my loom to do what I want to do with another piece.

Ten minutes in bed and a host of ideas to set me up for the week!  That’s what Sunday mornings are for!! ;^))

This week has been a painful one physically for me.  Over the last two weeks, I have done things to give my back little twinges, and I have not paid attention to my body and stretched out my muscles.  Last weekend, I compounded the effects by loading and unloading my car, and driving 6 hours in one day, then followed the next day by leaf removal on the lawn.  On Monday, my back was grumbling at me, on Tuesday I had to visit the osteopath, then on Wednesday was flat out on my back on the study floor because I had sat at the computer for too long on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning!!

I know it’s my own fault, and I have vowed to look after my body better.  Once my back has settled down, I am purchasing a Yoga DVD and will make a Yoga session part of my morning ritual, like my morning visualisation exercise.  This is not a vain New Year’s resolution.  My body needs this or I shall be suffering many more bouts of painful, debilitating back pain and weeks without being able to weave….

However, I did have an ‘aha’ moment this morning.  Whilst I am unable to weave on my AVL (which has a warp sitting there just waiting to be started!!), I can at least start work on some miniatures on a miniature loom.  Over the Christmas holidays, I usually find myself fired up and full of ideas for weaving, but have to put the lid on them as we have company and it would be so rude to leave them all to it whilst I slope off to weave.  But this year, and whilst my back is still not 100%, I am going to use my little 8S loom to weave indoors.  I can be sociable(ish) and still weave!!

This will be the first time I have broken my own rule of not bringing looms into the house.  I did wonder whether there would be objections from my DH (after all, he does know what I’m like when I’m weaving!!), but he was delighted.  Even if I don’t hear a word that people say to me because I’m in weaving-land, at least I will be in the room with them in body – and they can always nudge me to get a response!!

So now today’s task is to set up a small warp for my small loom and plan the first of my miniatures!!  Then watch how quickly my back sorts itself out!!

Happy weaving!