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Spring has an incredible effect on everything, doesn’t it?  If you look around you, people are happier, more relaxed, smiling and laughing a lot more, and more willing to help each other.  It also has us putting our house in order!  I’ve been spring-cleaning this week and now my house is getting more how I like it – tidier, cleaner, more airy, more welcoming and less cluttered.  The garden, too, has been demanding attention and, whilst I’m not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination, 10 minutes here, half-an-hour there and it’s beginning to look as if somebody cares!  <G> What I love about the garden is that everything looks a total mess until you mow the lawn.  Then what a transformation!  An hour’s work (we have 4 lawns!), and the place looks so much better! 

It’s been an interesting week – no flights for several days and the sky is clear of com trails for the first time I can remember.  Uninterrupted blue – at least until an hour or so ago when it started to cloud over for the first time in a number of days. 

Work-wise, I’ve been having a lot of fun, threading up for a shibori warp but deciding to use part of the warp for a seersucker effect.  Yesterday was an amazing weaving day, and I will need to hem all the samples before finishing them to see what effects the different methods of washing will do to them.  I’m just about to rethread the shibori threads for the shibori supplementary warp that I will be playing with.  I love the explorations and experimentation!  The next thing is to get out and up close and personal to textures around my house and garden to illustrate what I’m doing….  A chance to learn how to use my camera properly.  Actually, it’s more an opportunity to investigate a camera club to seek advice from people who really know! 

I received the Memory on Cloth book by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada this last week as a late birthday present and had a wonderful time browsing through!  What a book!  Great stuff!  And then Ann Field’s Devore book arrived for me to review for the Journal of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers.  What serendipity!  So that’s this evening’s very pleasant chore…

I’ve also been investigating Facebook Fan pages and have decided it’s something that could be good fun to do, so I’ll be doing some more research before I launch headlong.  Has anyone else got fan pages, and how do they work for you? 

Spring definitely lifts my spirits and makes me feel upbeat!  I hope it has the same affect for you!