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I don’t often write about my family life because I believe my family are due their privacy, but today is an exception.  You see, we have just come back from the most amazing wedding which was in Scotland yesterday.

The two people tying the knot were my Dad and his fiance. The reason I am so elated is that Dad is 81 and has just married a wonderful lady 30 years his junior.  We were friends in childhood as her gran and great aunt lived next door to us, and we spent quite a lot of time together when she came to see her relatives.

She has not had an easy life, and lost her husband about 18 months ago.  Dad went to help her sort things out and it grew from there.  My mum died four years ago, and Dad has a huge heart full of love, so it is so wonderful for him to find someone again to share it with.

The wedding itself was a really happy and relaxed occasion.  I had the honour to play the oboe for them during the signing of the register (accompanied by my cellist/pianist husband), and also the honour of doing the best man’s speech, which was a surprise to Dad!  The evening dance was a mix of disco and Scottish country dancing which was just brilliant and exhausting!  Everyone mixed in really well – both families really happy for them both, and all the Scottish friends very welcoming to us Sassenachs!!

They are now going to have a celebration down south with the English friends, where Dad is still sorting through things before moving up to Scotland.

At 81, he is starting a new life in new surroundings with a new partner!  As far as he is concerned, age is just a number (and as a man involved in numbers throughout his professional life, he knows how to manipulate numbers!!).  If he follows his mum’s example (who is still going at 101), they have a good number of years to look forward to together.

What a story of inspiration, hope and love for us all!  Cheers, Dad!  And good luck, good health and great happiness to you both!!