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Carrying on with the journey south through North Island, New Zealand, a lovely teaching weekend in Hamilton    was followed by a two day trip to Rotarua.  We had two days in the Rotarua area where thermal activity and volcanic valleys abound!  But first, a little flora outside the Thermal baths at Rotarua…      The first trip was to Waimunga Volcanic Valley…..     and the second to Wai-o-Tapu                 Then we visited Haku Falls, a really fast and furious flowing waterfall….     before heading off to Lake Taupo for the night.

The next day was the drive down to Wellington going over the Desert Road, where the rock erosion was fabulous but where we could not often stop…..          Another fun workshop   then a day on the beach at Waikanae…                  And now we are off to Wellington city for a bit of culture…!!

Enjoy the photos and Happy Weaving!