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A few weeks ago, I hurt my back.  It’s an old injury and one I can usually keep under control with regular yoga, but I had a period of two weeks where I was driving a lot, and moving heavy boxes, looms, and equipment then more driving for several hours, and at the end of the two weeks, I did a session clearing leaves and fallen apples in the garden for an hour.  That was the last straw for my back, and I was unable to move for a couple of days.  Happily, visits to the osteopath, and regular stretching and gentle movement is now having the desired effect and I should be fully mobile in a few days.

The upshot of that is that I couldn’t weave on my AVL – a bit of a problem as I have a research warp ready to go – but there’s more than one way to skin (or swing) a cat (which is a really odd saying, and not fair on the poor feline!!!  My two would have more than something to say if I tried that!!)  Anyway, feeling the need to weave, but not physically able to manage the large floor loom, I turned to a small table loom and decided to try my hand at Miniature mountains!  Using two different techniques – woven shibori and overshot – I am trying out all sorts of weird and wonderful weft yarns on a warp a mere 2″ wide.  I’ve got just one more sample to do on this warp, and will then be washing them, steaming them and tumble drying them.  It is always such fun to see what happens.

After that, I shall put on another mini-warp in a different yarn, and with a different threading order and have another play and see what comes out of that!  These are for my masters research.  I never thought I’d have so much fun with this, but it’s really exciting.  I can’t weave more than 3 hours (with a gap) on this little loom, and it’s really slow, but it’s proving to be as much fun as doing the larger stuff on the AVL.

Hopefully, over Christmas, I’ll be able to get back on the AVL and get on with the research weaving on that!  For me, research weaving is so much more fun than weaving something to use – but that’s just me. What about you?  Are you someone who loves to create functional cloth or objects?  You have my admiration!  I think I’m just an overgrown kid who just loves to play!!!

Whatever you prefer – have fun this winter!!