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I’ve been lacing jacquards cards to make my woven Xmas cards today and whilst doing so, I listened to several CDs, including Jamie Cullum’s Catching Tales, and one song really pushed a button with me. 

“When I look back on my ordinary, ordinary life, I see so much magic though I missed it at the time.” 

I had been wondering what to write for my blog this week, and had wanted to write about simple things giving so much pleasure – like my 20-year-old son making a pumpkin lantern this week but not in the normal run-of-the-mill jagged pumpkin faces.  Oh no!  He decided he wanted to create a Japanese anime face, so he quickly drew it on a piece of paper, and then disappeared into the kitchen where he spent about 30 mins carefully carving the image, and using permanent marker and rafia to decorate it.  I loved it!  A pumpkin lantern with a difference!  It looked really good with the tea light lit!  The pleasure he had in making it was touching in these days of computer interaction with games, social networking and chat rooms! 

We’ve had quite a few of those days recently when you start out with a glorious day and by mid-morning, it’s turned grey.  Whilst walking Charlie during one of these with its beautifully blue skies which accompany a frosty morning and early sunshine, I reflected on the fact that blue sky is always there – although we don’t always see it or remember that it’s there.  It just seemed to me to be one of those magical things – although of course, there’s no magic whatsoever about it.  But just for a minute, indulge me.  If we suddenly remember that there’s a blue sky above the ranks of grey clouds, it can lift our mood.  If we can recall the sunshine and how we feel when we see the sun, we can lift ourselves out of a sombre mood, and smile.

I know this is really easy for me to say at the moment.  Nothing sad or traumatic is happening in my life right now so I’m thinking these thoughts from a positive, optimistic mind set.  I know it’s much harder to imagine when life is doing its thing and dumping on you from a great height.  Still, if we can remember the better times when our hearts are lifted by the simple things in life, it can help us through the tougher times. 

So, remember the blue skies and look for something to raise your spirits when you’re feeling down.  Little Chinese lantern seedpods in their lattice work cages did it for me this evening…