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Life is full of lovely surprises!  One happened just this morning.  I was teaching in the studio when my husband popped his head in and informed me that two people had just turned up with connections to our house!  This lovely young couple were on holiday in the area, and just stopped by to see if they could see the house in which their great-grandmother lived.

Now, although this is not a usual occurence, it is not exactly unheard of but this couple were here from Australia!

It did vaguely cross my mind that this could be a ploy to see inside our house, but in conversation with them it quickly became obvious that they were totally genuine – they even had a photo of the house as it was 25 years ago (we’ve been here 19 years) on their phone!

As I was teaching, I couldn’t give them the attention I would have liked, but we did have a short conversation, and hopefully they’ll be back for a weekend’s visit before they go back to Australia.

In the meantime, gardening is calling and things are growing faster than we can keep up with them!  Weaving projects are on the loom, and MA reading is progressing.  Our two new cats are settling in nicely, although not yet making friends with Charlie.  We have a family wedding coming up, we’ve just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, and my gran just celebrated her 101st birthday!

What a rich and varied life this is!

Have a good week, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing!