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Whidbey Island

Deborah Boone (B2 Fine Art Gallery) suggested we might like to take a trip upstate to La Connor, a small waterfront town with an excellent quilt museum, so we did just that.  La Connor is delightful and, despite not being well sign-posted from the surrounding roads (we avoid the Interstates wherever possible!), we found a bustling historic town and a Victorian building lovingly restored in the last couple of years which houses the quilt museum.  Not just a museum, either, but a vibrant and active quilting shop, exhibits, and activities.

With the advice of Kathleen (the curator) and Susan (the sponsor) we took the road across to Whidbey Island and drove down the length of the island, part of the San Juan group of islands.  A stunning day, some amazing bridges and beautiful views.  Susan had suggested we pop in to meet her sister and brother-in-law, so we did!  What a beautiful spot right on the waterfront looking towards the mainland.   A lovely two hours beachcombing, heron watching, and seal spotting, was spent with strangers who welcomed in two travellers!  Those kinds of memories certainly make a trip!  Thank you Marilyn and Jim for your hospitality and company!