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Hurrah!  Spring is on the way!! Truly!! I promise!!  Especially to our friends currently immersed in piles of snow in the mid-west of America!  You may only see white out of your windows – if you can see out of your windows at all!! – but I can assure you that snowdrops are pushing their way out of the frozen earth, and the nights are getting shorter!!  I can now take Charlie out in the light after his tea!

Isn’t it funny how we have our own individual ways of measuring time?  I don’t wear a watch any more (gave it up when I finished teaching in school!) and watch the sky a lot more.  I don’t have a clock in the workshop, so if I need to finish for a certain time, I set the kitchen timer which has an hour limit.  I eat when I’m hungry and not at a certain time (except for when I have students) and finish when I’ve completed a task or get too tired.

I listen to my body more too, now, and have just re-started doing yoga.  Ah, bliss!  My body loves me again!

I like being in touch with life through responding to my body and to nature.  It feels right, somehow.  Years spent of watching clocks and timing things to within an inch of their life left me feeling permanently drained and that I was at the whim of other people and circumstances.  Now I feel as if I am more in control.

I know that’s as much a fallacy as anything, but somehow, mentally, it sets you free.  You feel able to roll with the wind to a certain extent.  I still have my tasks that I want to get done, and Sunday is the day I use to decide what I’d like to achieve during the coming week.  I was a bit too ambitious last week, and still have a few things that I haven’t achieved.  I do feel a little annoyed with myself for not completing them, but I know that half a day will clear them, and I can schedule that in this week.
Back to Spring.  It’s not here yet, and we could still be in for some hard weather, but the lighter evenings raise the spirits and let you know that the hard times are only temporary – a good reflection for more than just the seasons!

So more time for more weaving and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the rising of the daffodils and the return of the swallows!