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It’s the time of year for graduate shows, and I went to the University of Derby shows this week.  I was particularly interested in one weaver, Caroline Goellner, an Austrian who has only been weaving since September.

When visiting the weaving sheds to discuss getting some jacquard work woven, I wander round the looms to see what’s on and what people are doing.  Caroline’s work appealed to me right from the start.  She has used a limited colour palette of soft gold, white/monofilament, black and occasional brights.  She was using monofilament, polyamide, video tape, and silk, and was creating interesting textural and subtle structural pieces.  In her jacquard work she was looking to create dimensional movement in work that reminded me of Andela Lukanovic and using a subdued palette of greys, creams and white.

With her permission, I have included images.  I love this work and think Caroline shows great promise.  She is hoping to go on to study for a masters looking into weaving sound.  I hope she does! is where you can see her interactive video and read more about her.