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Well, ‘Windy Wellington’ did not live up to its name!  We had glorious weather for our sightseeing!  Whereas most people whizz round places and see lots in a short space of time, Agnes and I prefer to take our time, enjoy the vibe, have a coffee/tea, take lots of photos, look around some more….. you get the picture!  So on our first visit to Wellington we managed to take the cable car, visit the Carter Observatory and mooch through the Botanical Gardens, and the second day we slowly strolled along the Waterfront and visited Te Papa, the national museum and art gallery.

Here are a few photos from that day….  a lovely statue to Katherine Mansfield (author),    a token tree from the Botanic Gardens – a hugely tall eucalyptus – and water, water, water from the waterfront.

             We were photographing some water shots at the end of our day when Agnes and I independently got approached by passers-by asking us what we were photographing.  When Agnes explained, the lady looked again and started seeing the patterns, but unfortunately, I don’t think the man who asked me could see what I was seeing – to him it was ‘just water’.  Just as well we all think and see differently!!

  The clouds weren’t bad either!!

The next day we had a quick stroll around a reserve at Whitby before heading off to catch the ferry.            Farewell to the North Island… and hello to the South Island    with a little bit of water in between (just for a change :^))    

Two Texture Days followed with weavers and felters from the lovely Marlborough textile group    before moving on to Nelson across the vinyards of Marlborough, a beautiful river crossing,  and the winding mountain pass, into a glorious evening overlooking Boulder Bar and Nelson…      One amazing view after another!  That’s my experience of New Zealand!!

Hope you are enjoying the trip along with me!

Happy Weaving!