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Over the past couple of months, life has been challenging in a number of ways.  But one constant throughout all the challenges has been weaving.  Whether teaching, preparing for workshops, or planning and weaving my own projects, weaving has kept my thoughts positive, my mind actively planning, and my hands occupied.

I have come to realise that people with a consuming passion in something, whether it be weaving, family ancestry, cars, bird-watching, have an advantage when it comes to hard times.  That part of the brain is busy and distracted from whatever else is proving difficult, and you can switch to that part of the brain whenever you need to re-charge your batteries.

For me, various deadlines with weaving have proved the anchor to keeping things in perspective, although sometimes the deadlines have also felt a little like a noose round my neck!  Happily, most of those deadlines have been met and I can now relax a little and smell the roses!!  They have helped me stay focussed on things other than my other challenges and kept me in the world instead of apart from it in my own little bubble.

Having students has forced me to stop for breath and concentrate on their needs and, in doing so, has totally refreshed me in a way that I hadn’t expected.  I have always loved teaching, but never expected it to be a therapy as well!! Thanks to all my wonderful students who are now weavers themselves!

I feel so grateful that I have weaving in my life – for my mind, for my soul and for my sanity!!! Here’s to all us weavers – whatever life throws at us, may our weaving prove a solace and help us get through the rough times.

Happy weaving!