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Happy Summertime!

After strong spring sunshine in February (3 weeks), March (3 weeks) and then back to more wintry chills in April and some of May, we are now at the right time of year, with sizzling temperatures, fruiting trees, and new chicks on the way. Weaving courses at The Loom Room France 2019 began in April and so far have included jacquard roosters, honeycomb and lots of texture.

The hens and the swallows have got broody, and at least one clutch of hen eggs is due to hatch imminently, with hopefully a second clutch later this week. The swallows have just selected their nest site and built the nest while we looked on, and we hope to watch their progress over the next few weeks.

Our world is expanding too, as Graham is busy preparing his micro-brewery, ready to launch officially in July and attending his first beer festival in August. In the meantime, a glut of wonderful cherries is leading to a series of cherry brandy demi-johns for presents and a winter warmer tipple!The pool is getting ready for its first summer dippers complete with apéros at the end of a weaving day, and we are looking forward to welcoming further students new to weaving as well as intermediate and experienced weavers over the course of the season to share in the laid-back and relaxed lifestyle of this beautiful part of Gascony. We’d be delighted if you came too! Do get in touch!

Happy Weaving,