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My new-to-me Dutch table loom with 16 shafts, all warped up and ready to weave. 

Isn’t it wonderful when someone reminds you of something you did a long time ago and that you had forgotten about?

My sincere thanks go to Monica, a recent student, who remembered having seen my weaving videos on my old website and asked me if they were still available.  I had forgotten all about them, and went searching on YouTube.  Happily they were all there still under Weaver Stacey!  So now I have been able to upload them onto my current site where you will find them under the ‘Weaving’ heading (what a surprise!!).

What was even more of a surprise was just how many views some of them have had in the 6 or 7 years since they were originally posted.  My Overview – How to Weave on a Handloom has had 97,888 views!!!!  And my Jacquard Loom Walkthrough has had 54,579 views!  

And all of this is due to a good friend, Peter Hamilton, who took the videos and spent ages editing them to get them to look and follow through well.  What a star!

So if you fancy visiting a blast from the past, just click here !

Happy Weaving!