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I can’t believe that September has arrived!  Everyone is back to school and most of the holiday makers have gone home.  Tonight was the last Nérac night market for the summer season, and was primarily for the locals, but we have a wonderful array of cultural events over the coming months which we are looking forward to.

The weather is still glorious here, although the early mornings have a little chill about them, and the dawn mists have appeared.  It has been truly a magnificent summer here, with lots of weavers, visitors, family and friends, and it continues with a full house for most of the coming month and into October!  I’m looking forward to introducing more people to weave and encouraging existing weavers to extend their repertoire of techniques.

In the spirit of La Rentrée (back to school/work) I have been thinking about dates for next year and also to find out from you what you want to learn about in weaving.  I have received a number of requests for specific dates which I am plugging in to the schedule first of all, so if you want to come for a course and have a specific date in mind, do please get in touch during September before I fix all the dates for next year.  I have also had some requests for specific topics – Honeycomb Hybrids, Deflected Double Weave, Texture for weaving among others – and I want to ensure that the people who have made requests can all learn together, so if you have a specific topic in mind, let me know and I will organise a workshop to accommodate you.

And finally…. I have a new project which I will be launching in October.  It will involve a few videos, and a bit more house renovation which hopefully will be ready for next year’s teaching programme.  More later….

À plus tard!