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I am so excited to be announcing the imminent publication of my new book Honeycomb Hybrids: Honeycomb for All Tastes, a technical book uncovering the many facets of honeycomb (also known as distorted weft).  It will be launched later this month (July) and I hope that it will be a useful addition to a weaver’s library of an under-rated method of creating interesting surfaces and shapes in weave with the effective use of the simplest of structures.

Just to give you an idea of the contents, the chapters are called 1) Traditional – With a Twist; 2) Sugar Spun – Lace; 3) Honey-glazed Ribs – Warp and Weft; 4) Layer Cake – Double Cloth; 5) Honey Hybrid – Deflected Double Weave; and 6) Honeycomb Turned.

The book is 142 pages long with many drafts and photographs and will be published both as a print-on-demand book and as a pdf.   The price will be $38, £32, or €35 for the print-on-demand book and $30, £25 or €28 for the pdf.  I will be posting again in about a week with information on how you can order both the book and the pdf.

It has taken about 18 months to write, during which time I have moved house and country, and set up my wonderful studio in the south west of France.  I have also prepared a 4-day workshop based on the book, and will be offering a couple of workshops at my studio each year devoted to the topic.  I will be announcing the October workshop dates in the next couple of weeks.  I am also delighted to be teaching a Honeycomb Hybrids workshop in November in Holland with the Weefcollectief Fryslan at Oosterwolde (

In the meantime, Happy Weaving!!