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Group Colour Workshop


Colour is such a wonderful playground of ideas and this workshop is designed to be a lot of fun whilst learning how to use colour in unusual and surprising ways.

Colour is so important to our wellbeing and trusting in your own colour sense is something many people struggle with.

This course, which is usually held over one or two days, has been created for textile artists and practitioners – whether weavers, knitters, felters or embroiderers.


Sharing insights gleaned over many years of teaching colour, Stacey takes course participants on a short guided trip into the history and importance of the science and psychology of colour, before leading several short exercises to get the eye accustomed to nuances.

Once the senses have been sharpened a little, it’s time to dive into creating colour collections from inspirational images using paints and crayons, yarns and fabrics.

Finishing off with a ‘That’s Not My Colour’ section, you are encouraged to dip your toe in the water of one or more colours that you would not normally ever contemplate using. There are always wonderful surprises when colours that are normally avoided can be embraced within your usual preferences and suddenly your colour world is expanded!

If your group is interested in a colour workshop, please email