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Hello all! The teaching season may well be behind us for this year, but things are very busy here in The Loom Room France.

Firstly, the 2020 dates are now available!!  You can find them here.

I’m delighted to say that one Honeycomb Hybrid course is already fully booked, and there is only one space available on my scheduled 3 Techniques for Texture course. If you are interested in doing either of the main Themed courses, do let me know know and I’ll try to organise specific dates for those, although I do require a minimum of 2 people to run them. Maybe you can encourage a weaving friend to come with you. I can guarantee that you’ll have a great time learning and visiting this wonderful area!

There is also a new Themed Course launching this year! Optical Dimensional Illusions is something that I have always been intrigued by and, prompted by an online guild course run by Linda Wilson, I have pulled my finger out and got inspired to develop it further! It’s designed to create dimensional effects purely through the use of colour and the interplay of colour with weave structures. Initially focused on shadow weave, plaited twills (ie warp-dominant v weft-dominant designs) and hombre warp and weft effects on single cloth, it might well develop further to include double weave effects on 8 shafts. If you are interested in this course, do get in touch and I will schedule a specific week for it.

How good is your French? The photo header is of a local newspaper who ran a feature on me recently…..

In the last couple of weeks, I have been very excited to develop lots of new samples on 4-shafts for the Australian workshops of Honeycomb Hybrids. There is just so much to explore with this! I’m so looking forward to sharing the ideas, techniques and samples with fellow weavers down-under next summer (see below)

Finally, an update on the Stitched Double Cloth book (right). There are so many samples so far (160 on the first warp alone) that I am going to publish parallel books. One will be all the technical details and full of photos of before and after wet-finishing. The other will be a distillation of the technique followed by several projects that can be woven with the technique. I’ll keep you posted as to how it is going!

I hope you are enjoying your November and that December will bring you lots of time with friends and family!!  In the meantime, thanks for being part of The Loom Room France community!

Happy Weaving!!