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Nature in the Making (joint) / Tactile Tectonics (solo)

Nature in the Making was a touring exhibition from 2014 – 2017 with fellow weaver, Agnes Hauptli (NZ). Inspired by geology and natural forces, this exhibition embraced the pictorial field of jacquard, the abstract world of multi-shaft weaving, and three-dimensional textures created through the synthesis of materials and woven structures.

The work continues to develop, both as a symbiosis and as individuals, as an expression of both weavers’ continuing exploration of techniques and shared interest in the natural world. 

As a solo artist, Stacey exhibits under the title of Tactile Tectonics.

Growth Forms

Inspired by natural forms (bark, stalactites, corals, waterfalls, arthropods, sea creatures, seed pods), I continually challenge my technical knowledge and artistic vision as a weaver of textural three-dimensional forms. I am beginning a series of experiments incorporating other media to explore this further.


In turn, this leads to developing teaching topics, writing technical weaving books and exploring overlaps with other textile techniques.

Strata Walls

These large free-flowing wall pieces explore the layered and convoluted history of geology in a mélange of yarns and weaving techniques.

Due to the mixture of fibres in the yarns that I use, the process is not complete until the work has been wet-finished.  How the yarns within the different weave structures react to heat, water and agitation is largely out of my hands, meaning that natural forces in the finishing process are co-creators with the weaver.  Having to relinquish control of the end result is something that has taken a while to get used to!  


Because of the configuration of my 1880s jacquard teaching looms, I am able to create miniature jacquard pieces in repeat of four different sizes.  Jacquard looms are able to create thread-by-thread pictorial weave effects which are impossible on regular shaft looms, and require a different method of planning than normal shaft weaving. 

Using modern electronic hand-jacquard looms, weavers are able to create one-off non-repeating designs. However, my looms were used to teach fabric designers of the C19th and C20th how to design in repeat for textile production in the north of England.   

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