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Weaving Courses

Whatever your weaving experience, whether complete beginner, intermediate or experienced, or just looking for a fun non-weaving way to overcome colour fears, we can offer a course tailor-made to you.  We have a variety of looms for you to use, from 4-shaft, 8, and 16-shaft table looms, 12 and 24-shaft floor looms and 4 teaching jacquard looms from the 1880s!  


Themed Weeks
Themed weeks are offered from time to time in the studio, usually for 3 or 4 people. Topics are usually Honeycomb Hybrids or 3 Techniques for Texture

Woven Optical Illusions is a new themed week, currently under development, in which you will create visual optical effects purely through the interplay of colour with weave structures. We will be looking at 3 techniques selected from colour-and-weave, shadow weave, plaited twills (ie warp-dominant v weft-dominant designs) and ombré warp and weft effects on single cloth, depending on your choices during conversations prior to coming on the course. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, no specific dates are scheduled yet, but please contact me if you are interested in coming on this course in the future.

Jacquard weaving courses
We offer a two-week intensive or three-week more gently paced course on jacquard weaving. My modern jacquard allows every single thread to be individually manipulated but my older jacquards (1880s) have repeat structures designed into them through their harness construction. These wonderful sample looms are the perfect guides to understanding how jacquard designs are created, from design to finished piece, at four different scales, and with hands-on learning from analysing the harness through to creating the design, assigning the weave structures, cutting and lacing the cards, and finally weaving the samples. You learn what works for the different scales, following in the footsteps of countless students of fabric design who have worked on these looms for the past 140 years! The modern TC-1 loom allows for greater diversity of design and is a wonderful tool to create original artwork. 

This course is not for beginner weavers. You need to have a good working knowledge of weave structure, reading drafts and physical weaving in order to get the most benefit from the course.  Please email me for prices and dates.



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