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Welcome to Musings – The Loom Room Blog

27 June, 2014

South Washington Coast

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After the thrills of Columbia, back up to Tacoma for Complex Weavers Seminars, via the coastline of South Washington.  The collections of driftwood all along this northwest coastline are just amazing – twisted, stripped, elegant, sculpted, things of beauty even after its natural life has been torn away…..  Lots to inspire!


Borderlines – Columbia River Gorge

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Boundaries and borders are featuring a lot in my life at the moment – in weaving and in travel.  It’s an area that never ceases to amaze and inspire me, and Columbia River Gorge, the boundary between Washington and Oregon, is no exception!  A lovely day spent with views galore, moody skies, waterfalls, rocks (again!) and lovely bridges.  Historic Route 30, running adjacent to the busy Highway 84, is a haven of peace and quiet (except at Multnomah Falls!) and we took all day to travel the 6 – 7 miles taking in the sights and sounds of nature with a hum of manmade traffic in the background!

This time, the mountain in our sights was Mt Hood!

Mount Rainier – inspiration for writers, poets and weavers alike!

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When in Tacoma, it would be remiss of us not to visit Mt Rainier, prominent as it is on sunny days in between the various buildings of the city!

It is a veritable feast for the eyes with snow fields and reflection pools which, at this time of year, still have snow and ice covering them but slowly melting.  Lots of trees, waterfalls, rock formations (lots of volcanic rock, basalt, lava, huge boulders) – right up our street.  It took us a full day and we didn’t cover all the ground!  But then, we do travel slowly, taking our time, absorbing the sights, sounds and atmosphere…..

La Connor and Whidbey Island

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Whidbey Island

Deborah Boone (B2 Fine Art Gallery) suggested we might like to take a trip upstate to La Connor, a small waterfront town with an excellent quilt museum, so we did just that.  La Connor is delightful and, despite not being well sign-posted from the surrounding roads (we avoid the Interstates wherever possible!), we found a bustling historic town and a Victorian building lovingly restored in the last couple of years which houses the quilt museum.  Not just a museum, either, but a vibrant and active quilting shop, exhibits, and activities.

With the advice of Kathleen (the curator) and Susan (the sponsor) we took the road across to Whidbey Island and drove down the length of the island, part of the San Juan group of islands.  A stunning day, some amazing bridges and beautiful views.  Susan had suggested we pop in to meet her sister and brother-in-law, so we did!  What a beautiful spot right on the waterfront looking towards the mainland.   A lovely two hours beachcombing, heron watching, and seal spotting, was spent with strangers who welcomed in two travellers!  Those kinds of memories certainly make a trip!  Thank you Marilyn and Jim for your hospitality and company!


26 June, 2014

Tacoma Waterfront

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Mount Rainier behind TacomaTacoma WaterfrontChihuly paintingsChihuly window flower Union Station building

Tacoma is a delightful waterfront town which has undergone major reconstruction and development over the past few years.  We have enjoyed the Museum of Glass with its Hot Shop and the Chihuly Bridge of Glass, and the elegance of the Union Station building which is now a court house.  Chihuly is a local artist in the area and his presence is felt everywhere.

(For some reason I can’t insert links at the moment, so please do go and google these places – they’re brilliant!)

The water front is lovely too.  We went along the waterfront well away from the bustle of the city and spent around 2 hours just watching the water, the reflections, and Mount Rainier behind the city…


Tacoma and B2 Fine Art Gallery

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Nature in the Making has now come across the Pacific from New Zealand to the US Northwest Pacific – Washington State, and Tacoma in particular.

Just a week or so ago, Agnes Hauptli and I set up our exhibition in the wonderful B2 Fine Art Gallery which used to be a newspaper publishing building in the Theatre District of downtown Tacoma.  This is an up and coming area now with historic buildings, beautiful murals, and lovely boutique shops and cafes, including a fibre Aladdin’s Cave called Fibers Etc run by Roberta Lowe.

Anyway, back to the exhibition.  It’s on until 26th July and the gallery is run by Deborah and Gary Boone, a lovely couple who couldn’t have done more to make us feel welcome!

Unfortunately, most of my images are way too big to get uploaded here, so I’ll have to put them up on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/StaceyHarveyBrown

If you are in the area, it is an interesting gallery with local artists, some Chihuly pieces, and a great ambience.