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Here is some of the feedback I have had from students over the last few years. 

Beginner Weaving Course                                                     

I'd just like to say a massive big Thank You to Stacey.  I've really enjoyed the weekend course and I'm very inspired and can't wait to get my own loom, as I now know how to put the warp on.  Excellent teaching and great tips.  I'm really excited and love the sample piece I've made.  My eye's are opened to the many wonderful things I'll be able to achieve!  Thanks again...  I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn about weaving or expand what they already know!  Ellen Coote, UK

I had a fantastic 4 days with you and learnt so much. I can still see those funky chickens!!  The best birthday gift I could give myself!  You are such an inspirational teacher - it all comes from the heart.  I just learnt so much, even things I was sure I would never get my head around like reading a design on a piece of fabric and understanding how to make the draft for it! Your patience, encouragement and confidence in my ability to achieve what I wanted to do on the 4 shaft has just got me so fired up it's hard to keep a lid on the ideas in my head I now want to weave. Maybe it's a good job time is the lacking factor at the moment!!
Not only did I have such fun weaving and challenging my brain but the luxury of staying in your wonderful old house with great company -what more could a girl want! I have already recommended you to friends but I will definitely be back for more!  
Barbara Wolter, UK

I just want to say thank so very much for fabulous weekend.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly and found the whole subject fascinating.  I am now looking at for a loom.  I am now looking at images in a completely different light, thinking how could I weave those shapes, colours etc?  Cannot wait to have a go again, and no doubt I will be seeing you again for further instructions.   Sue Scott, UK

We really enjoyed our time with you and the course was better than we expected.  Adrian and Grace Swenson, UK

Thank you so much for my 2 day weaving course.  It was wonderful to have your expert tuition!  I am thrilled to have learned so much and I'm keen to learn more now.  Carmel McCourt, UK

Many thanks for a brilliant two days. I now feel confident to warp up the loom for double cloth and am bursting with ideas!   Clare Dillon, UK

Thanks again for a lovely time.I enjoyed meeting you and please with my new knowledge! My family was very impressed after seing my sample and listened to me for hours !!!  Poor them..    Helle Jones, UK

I can't thank you enough for the amount I learnt when I was with you.  I was so inspired and enthused that I immediately bought myself a 4 shaft floor loom to practise on.  I have been telling everyone I know who is interested in weaving that they should visit the Loom Room on the net and maybe book a few days with you!  I certainly hope that I can come back in the near future to top up on all that you taught me.  Over the next few weeks I shall try to set up my new loom and practise first!  Looking forward to seeing you again in the future!  Alison Gernon, UK

When someone is learning something new and particularly as a "mature" person, it can often take a bit longer to pick things up. Your patience helped a lot and the hospitality was lovely in pleasant surroundings.
Alison Horspool, UK

Thank you for a wonderful weekend,  for welcoming us into your home and your studio and for making our stay so enjoyable. Karen and I enjoyed every minute of the course and wished it could go on for longer.   Your library of weaving and design books was amazing.  We have already ordered some of the books we saw there. You were so patient with me and I learnt so much, I am fuelled with enthusiasm and can’t wait to buy a loom.   I hope you don’t mind if I contact you for advice on a loom.  I shall definitely be back for more courses in the near future.  Hazel Lee, UK      Karen Lee, France

I felt quite privileged to have you all to myself!  I thought your enthusiasm and passion for weaving were very infectious and your HUGE knowledge made it possible for me to target specific areas of interest, which is exactly what I was looking for.  In other words, I think that you are a very skilled, adaptable teacher, and your course was very well tailored to my needs. Not just another course that follows a set syllabusIngrid Vercruyssen, UK/Sweden

I really enjoyed the course. I think that I came with a pretty narrow view of what I wanted to achieve. You expanded my horizons and as a result i got a lot more out of it. I felt that there was a good balance between teaching and letting me experiment - even though the latter took me out of my comfort zone! I learnt a lot - far more than I expected. I appreciated the fact that the learning went at my pace and you responded to where I am rather than squeezing me into a 'set course'. I have come away with a renewed enthusiasm for weaving and my imagination has been fired! The accommodation was comfortable and the food excellent [both breakfast and lunches with you and evening meals at the pub opposite!]. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your courses to others. Thank you!   Mark Abrey, UK

The weekend was really great and exceeded all my expectations. I have been showing off my scarf to everybody who stands still long enough and they seem pretty impressed with my first effort. As am I. I suspect I've been bitten by the weaving bug!  Mary Harrowsmith, UK

Thank you so much for the trouble you took to explain everything in simple terms and for making the learning process so much fun. I really learned so much over the three days and now feel much more confident about all aspects of weaving. My little sample was very much admired and I do feel that I can get much more out of my loom than I ever expected too.  Oh and the Staffordshire oat cakes were very good!   Penny Leonard, UK

My mum and I had a fantastic weekend at the loom room and agree that we couldn't have had a better introduction to weaving. The teaching style was gentle, focused and thorough. Stacey's enthusiasm (and wicked laugh)made the experience so enjoyable and we left feeling inspired and planning a return trip. The loom room should carry a health warning, you will get (pardon the pun) hooked.   Susie & Sarah Baker, UK

I'd just like to let you know how much I enjoyed the course and it was a real pleasure to stay in your lovely home.  The lovely meals have kick started my healthy eating plans!
 I was surprise that I managed to get so much done and I'd like to say thank you for being such a patient tutor. The whole experience was relaxing and very satisfying and  the course confirmed to me that I want to learn to weave and I'm looking for a loom.  Apart from the weaving itself, I would like to say thanks for the help and insight that you gave me when it comes to looking at colours.  The sampler that I made will always be special.   Ann Mayes, UK
Thank you so much for a wonderful few days - I am now truly hooked on weaving and can't wait to get my own loom.  I shall definitely be back to see you again to progress my skills.  Thank you also for you and your family's wonderful hospitality, it really was a fantastic few days of pure pleasure and indulgence.   Annie Scaldwell, UK
Dear Stacey, a quick thank you from both of us for a wonderful weekend.  The weaving was great, the hospitality very welcoming and the weather was a delight.  We both came back revived and impressed at our abilities - thanks to very impressive teaching.   Emma Woolf,  UK
My experience at the Loom Room was more than I ever could have expected. The amount of weave knowledge as well as understanding I gained was brilliant. Stacey really made an effort to tailor the weaving to my specific needs. So with the great support and the friendliness of my host and her family I would recommend a week at the loom room to anyone!   Fiona Thomson, Textile Technician, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen. 

Thanks very much for a very enjoyable weekend.  It was great to meet you (not forgetting your family and Charlie!) and to learn such a lot in a few days.  It’s really got me hooked into weaving – I’m now looking for a suitable second- hand loom to get started . . . I would recommend anyone who is looking for an absorbing interest or who wants to tap into their creative side to try one of your taster breaks.  Your enthusiasm for your subject is infectious, and you’re a knowledgeable and patient teacher.  For someone like myself, who has never thought of herself as having a “maths brain”, you managed to explain a fairly complex process in a straightforward and logical way. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and for making me feel very welcome at Willowgate and at the loom.   Frances Winter, UK

Thank you for the incredible weekend. It was so good to come and focus totally on weaving as a new skill and work through how I could incorporate it into my lifestyle.   Gill Hancock, UK

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend last weekend. I had such a great break and really enjoyed it, you're a great teacher - thank you!  And yes, now I think I am properly hooked!!   Kath Moss, UK

Where do I start? I had the most fantastic 3 days staying with you, whiling away very rapid hours in the wonderful loom room. I arrived knowing I liked weaving and wanted to learn more about it; I left loving it, having discovered a passion. That first morning when you guided me to look at some samples and decide what I would like to do - well, I wanted to do all of it! Time was much too short.
 I felt very at home in your home and you made me so welcome; my lovely cosy room with the view over the apple trees was a joy. Talking over breakfast and lunch was great. And, most of all, I valued your enthusiasm which was exhilirating and infectious. Seeing some of your work was a real privilege. I will be back very soon.   Liz Aitchison, UK
Thank you for a wonderful inspiring weekend, I just need the time to continue with all the infectious enthusiasm and knowledge gained with you.   Louise West, UK

I really felt it was the right combination of guidance and letting me find my own way. The more theoretical side will provide me with a lot of food for thought and direction over the next few months as I try things out. And just talking to someone with your long and wide experience and getting some tips has bolstered my technique no end! And lastly thanks for the good food and the opportunity for a few days of 'time out' that enabled me to immerse myself in weaving for 3 days.   Margaret Yates, UK

Your course was absolutely wonderful. I came home mentally enriched and physically relaxed and very well nourished.  Living in your home was delightful and being surrounded by the looms and yarns on a rainy post-Christmas weekend was gorgeous. So thanks very much for the inspiring weekend. Your enthusiasm and personality make it a very special experience.    Mary Johnston, UK

I found it hard to believe how much I learnt from you in just four days!  I think the most important thing I gained from the course was confidence to try things out and to not be afraid of trying things that people would previously have said were beyond me.  I really enjoyed it and most importantly I got out of it exactly what I wanted.  The course was for me a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent hiding away from the world in your workshop. I would like to try and arrange something for the new year if you can bear to have me back ! Can I order the oat cakes for lunch now please.....   Sarah Butikofer, UK

Thanks so much for the information. Most of all, thanks so much for the wonderful experience of meeting you and being opened up to all the amazing possibilities of fiber arts. I am truly inspired by the pieces you have created and can't wait to get moving on my loom once again. I don't know if my mind will ever wrap itself around all the technical aspects of weaving you showed me, but it was sure nice to have a peek into all those little rooms. I hope to devote more time to "playing" and seeing where that takes me.   I am thankful for your family's hospitality and felt warm and cozy in your home. You have created a
wonderful atmosphere for learning. 
Jeanne Plant,  US

Thanks very much for making us feel so welcome in your lovely home.  I really enjoyed the weaving and am looking at everything, scarves, shawls, blankets and bags, with new eyes.  Fleur Gannon, UK

Your taster course has opened my eyes to a new way of seeing and looking at the world and my surroundings...All in all a truly inspirational and worthwhile weekend. Thank you Stacey!   Michella Doniselli, UK

I look back to that weekend I spent at your place with a fair bit of nostalgic longing. It wasn't just the weaving tuition that felt inspiring, it was the whole thing, including your book collection and lovely workshop, and being so well looked after. I got a lot out of it.   Deb Hampson, UK   

I wanted to thank you so much for all the time you spent with me. I really enjoyed my introduction to weaving and I felt I learnt so much from you. I cannot believe that I actually completed a rug and a sampler to bring home. (My family are very proud of me and were amused that you said I was a model student! - Never in 50 years has someone said that to me!!!. Maybe for once I was learning something that I was interested in!) Your hospitality was great. The breakfasts and lunches were very filling and you were a wonderful hostess - and those home grown plums were superb - the supply you gave me to come home with kept me going for the whole 4 hour journey. 

I have been over the copious notes you gave me and I am delighted to report that all makes sense! So all I need to do now is purchase some wool, sort out the loom and I'll be away!

I hope to return again to gain some further knowledge from your vast experience and in the meantime, best wishes to you and the family and THANKYOU!   Tessa Wansey, UK

Just to say how very much I enjoyed the weekend and thank you very, very much for all the effort you put into feeding my mind and taking care of me during my visit.  I have so much to think about and I wanted to say THANK YOU for a very thought provoking weekend.    Mary Post, UK
As a beginner to weaving but with a background in fabrics and threads, Stacey provided exactly the introduction I needed. In a week-end I became confident in warping up the loom and still had time to try a variety of patterns. Coming home I have joined a guild and feel truly inspired. Thank you.  Jenny Phillips, UK
Refresher Courses  Refresher Course
I spent a weekend with Stacey learning the ins and outs of warping up using a sectional warp beam on her 24 shaft AVL loom. Stacey not only provided hands-on help continuously but had also gone to the bother of writing all the instructions up and binding them into a short manual to take away. In the weekend, I managed to wind on a 5 m silk warp at 60 ends per inch and 12 inches wide using this method and
also to weave a sample length in silk to take away. Stacey was very encouraging and I have taken the plunge and gone onto sectional warping on my own look - using Stacey's helpful manual to guide me.   Pat Foster, UK

Stacey made me very welcome, and within five minutes, tea and biscuits in hand, I was looking at samples, talking about what sort of things I liked and what I didn’t.  Stacey soon realised that my problem was I didn’t really know where to start, so much to my surprise I spent the whole weekend working on colours. Stacey gave me lots of picture books to look at and after a while I found a picture that said ‘wow’ to me, so we worked from that.  She got me really looking at the colours in my picture, matching them with yarn, and then using water colours pencils to recreate the yarn colours - a whole new world to me.  The result was a colour card with the colours, all in the right proportions, from a section of my picture.  Then it was onto winding samples using the colour card which I then used to suggest a warp design.

One result of my weekend’s work was the design for a warp, complete with all the counts and sett details etc I would need.  But the real reward was a weekend in very friendly company, looking at colour and design from a completely new perspective.   Sally Kavanagh, UK

I was looking for a refresher course to rediscover my lost weaving ability and that provided by The Loom Room was exactly what I required.     The tuition was expertly tailored to my exact needs; I was able to work at my own pace with help always available when required.    Not only that, but Stacey’s enthusiasm for her subject inspired me to an even greater determination to develop my skills when I returned home.     This was a residential course and the accommodation provided was homely and very comfortable.     Altogether a memorable weekend.   Ron Stainton, UK

I learnt weaving in my native Sweden a long time ago, and although I have a loom in my London home, it has sadly been idle for some 25 years. Retirement has given me the chance to take up this interest again, but I needed some help to get going. My week with you was everything I had hoped it would be,and more. Thanks to your encouragement and calm guidance I have managed to brush up on the basics of weaving and now have the confidence to develop this further, and the possibilities seem endless. I was very comfortable staying in your house, and I very much enjoyed the hospitality and wise company. Thank you so much.   Sonja Aldengard, UK/Sweden


Jacquard Course

I thoroughly enjoyed my workshop with you, it was a dream come true! The way you have the workshop setup it brilliant, learning how to "read" how each one of the babies is set up, doing the sett samples, designing my one design, fixing and correcting the mise-en-carte, punching all those cards and then finally weaving my sample gave me a huge understanding of Jacquard weaving as it was done in the olden age and also makes me appreciate those wonderful pieces of weaving one sees in museums a lot more. Your workshop gave me a good grounding and whatever loom I might acquire in the future, it will be of great benefit to me.   Agnes Hauptli, New Zealand